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Program and Courses

What courses are being offered?

YTS 2018 offered 2 courses:

  •  Biological Systems through an Engineering Lens
  •  Mind of a Mathematical Engineer

YTS 2019 will offer courses of similar rigor.

How will the program cater to the diverse age group and subject knowledge?

Our program is consciously designed to be age-agnostic. It is designed for curious students who are intrigued by technology and passionate about learning. No prerequisite course material is required for either class. The courses are designed to be appealing and beneficial to students, regardless of their background knowledge.

How are the courses interdisciplinary, hands-on and catered to solving real-world problems?

In every way! We started off this summer program with the goal to make technology and engineering education relevant and fun to high schoolers. Rather than pick up and deliver existing content, we have carefully designed and crafted courses accordingly. Rather than go in-depth in a single subject, each course bridges content across multiple engineering and non-engineering disciplines; classes will be more doing, and less lecture; students will choose a real-world problem they want to solve (ex: how should we prevent a global epidemic from spreading?) that they will model and build out themselves.

Is two weeks enough?

YES! We feel two weeks is enough time to give students not only a flavour of real-world problem solving but also leave them with a mindset that will serve them for life. Because the program is fully-residential, students will be fully immersed from day 1 which doubles their learning speed. They’ll learn not only through classes but through rich interactions with their peers through structured and open activities.                  

How do the courses fit in with the school curriculum?

YTS is intended to supplement the school curriculum, not replace it. It is designed to fill gaps that exist in current academia and prepare students to solve open-ended problems in teams.

Will students have the opportunity to engage in non-instructional learning during the camp?

Absolutely! We have designed lots of immersive activities for students to have fun with their peers. Every evening, they will undertake a different activity including meeting tech entrepreneurs, sports, solving puzzles, watching inspirational Ted Talks, and much more. Apart from this, they will have sufficient open time to hang out with their peers. See our detailed scheduled here.

Are students expected to prepare for this summer program?

No! Please don’t study for this program. Everything you need to know will be taught during the two weeks - there is no preparation required.

What is the selection criteria? Is it marks based or more holistic?

Students will be evaluated against their entire application. There are no minimum scores or grades, but instead, we’re looking for bright curious students who are interested in learning. Submitting grades is completely optional. 

How do I apply for the program?

You have to complete and submit your application to us. You can choose to either apply online or email your application to us. 

How will I be informed of my selection?

All students will be notified via the email address provided.

Who is eligible to apply?

The YTS program is open to students in Grades 9-11, or in other words, if your high school graduation year is between 2021 and 2023.

Is this program only intended for students interested in pursuing science, engineering, and mathematics?

Not at all! This program is open to everyone, as long as you are interested in solving real-world problems using technology. We want to inspire more young minds around technology. Even if you haven’t chosen science, if YTS intrigues you, apply and get a taste of how exciting technology education can be.

What are the dates for Young Technology Scholars Program?

The dates of the program to be announced. 

Is the program residential/ online? Where is the program being held

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will evaluate the situation closer to the commencement date of the program. 

What about the kids’ safety and medical facilities on the campus?

Students will be supervised at all times on-campus, with ample security to ensure no unauthorized outsiders can come on campus, and no students can leave. Dorms will be staffed with a residential warden. Additionally, medical facilities will be available for any emergencies.
Program Fees and Scholarships

What is the program fee?

The all-inclusive cost for the online program will be announced soon. This fee has been largely subsidized by our foundation to ensure that the cost remains accessible. We are offering plenty of scholarships on need-basis only.

What is the refund policy?

  •  After the commencement of the program : NIL

  • Upto seven days before the commencement of the course : 25%

  • Upto fifteen days before the commencement of the course : 25%

  • Upto thirty days before the commencement of the course : 50%

Who is eligible for the need-based scholarship?

We want to ensure every deserving student who meets our selection criteria is able to attend our program, regardless of need or background. This scholarship is intended to supplement the tuition fees for any student who faces financial limitations. Applying for the scholarship does not affect your admission decision. 

How many scholarships are available?

We are offering plenty of scholarships which include full and partial waiver of program fees.
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